How does cash back work?

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What is Cash Back?

Cash back is money that belongs to you! It's that simple. It's money you get back in the form of an automatic rebate when you shop online. How much you ask? Cash back amount varies from store to store. You can earn up to 50% cash back on purchases made through!

Do you ever shop online at Groupon, Best Buy, Macy's ? Or book travel through Expedia, or any other such online sites? If you do, then why not save on these purchases?

We have realized that the one thing to never under estimate - is the power of cash back. The ocean of savings is built one drop at a time. The money adds up quickly and before you know it, you will have a savings account you never thought you had at!

Think about it. You are making these purchases anyways. With an additional click you can now save on each of them.

The Why?

So why do you get the cash back?

We have established a cash back relationship with thousands of online retailers. So every sale made through our site will be rewarded with cash back. We turn around and share this cash back with you. We created because we want to share this passion of saving with everyone.

The How?

It's simple.


Second, Log in. Find your favorite store and click on "Go to Store"

And finally, browse the store website and make your purchase like you normally would.

That's it. 3 Simple steps. Once the store credits the money to us, we credit the money right back to your account. You can see your click history and keep track of your cash backs under the My Account link.

So when should you get started?

Right now!


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