Frequently Asked Questions

How to get extra Cashback?

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What is Cash Back?

It's money that belongs to you! It's that simple. Cash back is money you earn in the form of an automatic rebate, when you shop online. Cash back amount varies from store to store. You can earn up to 50% cash back on purchases through our website!

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How do I get Cash Back?

Cash back is earned by making online purchases from the stores or products listed on our website You must be logged in to earn cash back. If you haven't already, Sign up now for FREE!

The following actions might prevent you from earning Cash Back:

1. Not logging into your account on

2. Going directly to the store website instead of going through when browsing or making a purchase.

3. Typing in a new address (URL) in the window opened by

4. Clicking on any special offers/coupons/promotions from other sites while shopping.

5. After clicking on store, purchase must be completed in same session.

6. Turning off cookies after logging in to, but prior to completing a purchase.

7. Navigating to a different site from the one you clicked through to.

8. Please look at conditions, if any, for the store, as cash back can sometimes vary for different product categories.

If I follow all steps will I get Cash Back?

There are a few exceptions but otherwise yes you will! Stores may change the cash back amount they offer or the conditions, from time to time. reserves the right to update these changes on our website without notice. We do our best to update our website with these changes on a regular basis but it is possible that you may get a different cash back amount than what is advertised on our website. Cash back may also vary depending on whether you are an existing user or a new user of the store. Make sure to review the conditions, if any, before clicking on the Go to store link.

Sometimes, special promotion codes, deals and discounts offered by the store may void the cash back. If the store you purchase from, does not actually pay then we will not be able to pay our members. As soon as we find out of any such stores, we will contact the store to fix the issue immediately for future purchases or we will update our website accordingly. Unfortunately, we can pay our members only if the store pays us.

Sometimes we may make a typo and display the incorrect cash back. Our goal is to minimize such mistakes and we will correct them as soon as they are brought to our attention.

As a result of some of the scenarios mentioned above cash back % or amount shown is what should be expected but not guaranteed.

How quickly is cash back credited to my account?

Most cash back rewards are credited within 7-10 days. Some stores, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed and may take up to thirty days to credit your cash back. Nothing will show in your account until the merchant reports to us, so please do not worry (or send a support request) until 2 weeks after your ENTIRE order has been shipped.
Example: Hotel stay credits will show in your account 7-10 days after your check out.

Still wondering about a purchase made more than 30 days ago that isn't showing in your account summary?

Click Here to Contact Us. We are here to help you!

How long will I have to wait for my Cash Back to be available?

It depends on the store. Each store has a set amount of time to allow for returns and updates to an order, and to pay us so we can pay you. Your account will show the Cash Back for the order as "Pending" during this time. Some stores take longer than others to pay us, and we will pay you as soon as the store pays us! When the waiting is over, you will see the amount in your "Available Balance." You can then request us to send you the money via google Wallet.

How long will it take to pay me once I have requested payment?

Cash Back payments are typically processed weekly.

Does this mean I'll get my payment within a week of requesting it?

More than likely yes! Sometimes it may take a few days more depending on google Wallet processing times.

What if I need to contact the merchant or change my order?

Contacting the merchant may void your cash back! Even if no actual changes are made (such as calling to check the status), the merchant may see themselves as the last assistance on the order and may no longer be credited.

Do all purchases qualify for Cash Back?

Yes all purchases through our website qualify for Cash Back. But Cash Back amount can vary from product to product within the same store. Always check for Conditions when making a purchase.

How do I actually get the cash? What is google Wallet?

Just go to My Account from the top of any page, then click on My Cash Back Account, then click on Request a Payment and follow the prompts. You can quickly set up an account at google and request payment electronically for Cash Back totaling more than $10, you can request payment by standard check if you prefer. You should not be charged google Wallet fees for the payment. If for some reason you ever are, please let us know!

What does Pending Cash Back mean?

The transaction was acknowledged by the store, but you will need to wait until the store confirms & credits us the money until you can cash it out.

Are orders placed via telephone or in-store purchases eligible for rebates?

Only orders placed online via are eligible for rebates.

What happens if I exchange, return, or cancel my purchase with a store?

If the exchange purchase is made through, you will earn cash back on the exchange only. Cash back is voided if the order is cancelled or returned.

If you still have questions, Please click here to Contact Us or email us at

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